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Health & Safety

Cranbourne take Health and Safety very seriously and strive for continuous improvement in all areas of Health and Safety. Cranbourne is committed to developing a culture whereby the avoidance of accidents and the promotion of health and safety in the workplace are common objectives which we practice with our customers, clients, contractors and suppliers.

Safety is important to us and we consider building sites to be dangerous places. Cranbourne insist people are accompanied at all times by a member of our sales team, so it is imperative that appointments are made in advance to go on site. We will provide you with all the protective equipment for your site visit and rules must be adhered to.

Typical hazards to look out for are:

  • Keep to safe defined routes and watch your footing
  • Keep away from excavations and trenches
  • Be particularly careful when passing under scaffolding and do not loiter
  • Keep away from stacks of material
  • Make sure you are seen by the operator and acknowledged before passing machinery
  • Never climb scaffolding, material stacks or any part of the construction site
  • Be aware of sharp objects and the possibility of wet paint, adhesives, concrete etc.

Anyone found on site without prior agreement will be escorted out of the area.